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Signing Off

Dear All, You may have noticed that this blog has not been updated in several months. I thought I should announce that I will no longer be updating and/or maintaining this blog (this includes responding to comments). For the time … Continue reading

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UMOM Champions

I’m very proud to share that my dear mother, Mrs. Kathy Rosenzweig, has been selected as a UMOM Champion finalist as part of the organization’s celebration of its 50th anniversary. For those unfamiliar with the organization, UMOM is Arizona’s largest … Continue reading

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A Banach algebra proof of the prime number theorem

Originally posted on What's new:
The prime number theorem can be expressed as the assertion as , where is the von Mangoldt function. It is a basic result in analytic number theory, but requires a bit of effort to…

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Backdrop for Sir Michael Atiyah

Originally posted on What's on my blackboard?:
Today the University of Edinburgh was privileged to welcome award-winning photographer James Glossop to the School of Mathematics. His task was to photograph Sir Michael Atiyah for an article in The Times…

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Originally posted on Physics, Linux and Otaku:
I ran into an interesting little math problem yesterday: Find all integers N such that 1+2+…+N is the square of another integer. The summation is simple, and anyone who received a little math…

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