A Little about Me

I just realized that I dived into the mathematical posts before making introduction and discussing the purpose of this blog. My name is Matt. I am an in my last year as an undergraduate at Harvard, where I concentrate in mathematics. I was a junior until this semester, but I petitioned to activate advanced standing and thus became a senior–but that’s whole ‘nother story. My plans are to apply to a PhD program in math this coming Fall, and ultimately, I would like mathematics to figure prominently in my career: academia, the NSA, and industry groups such as Microsoft Research all appeal to me.

Generally speaking, I am interested in mathematics with a strong analytic flavor. Somewhat more specifically, I am interested in harmonic analysis, analytic number theory, and probability. I am interested in both theory and applications, which might partially explain why I am drawn to the three aforementioned subjects. I humbly stand in Norbert Wiener’s shadow by not distinguishing between pure and applied mathematics. I only dislike lack of rigor and aversion to working out the details; God is, after all, in the details.

I intend to use this blog as both a pedagogical tool and a means to share mathematical results, ideas, etc. that I find interesting. With regard to the first purpose, I find writing about results tests how well I understand something. Many times I have read a proof of a theorem in a text and not understood it, even after multiple readings. It wasn’t until after I worked out the proof according to my own thinking that comprehension was achieved. Thus, this blog will largely feature the finished products of that process.

I will also upload PDFs of mathematical things–in particular, extended results which are best written up with LaTeX–to my website, the link to which is marked as “personal website.” My e-mail address is also listed there.


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